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Health  Programs

Health means nourishing food and regular exercise. Are you missing prioritizing your fitness and eat healthy? We understand it can be a challenge in fast-paced life. We would love to help you get back on track with our Nutritious Meal Plans and daily Yoga Classes. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


Healthy meal service

Homemade fresh meals for individuals and families. Take discount by providing your own containers and help us cut the plastic

Mon - Fri 

$10 - 13 per meal

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Starting soon

Yoga classes

Bring regular exercising into your

lifestyle with our online yoga classes. Concessions for students and senior citizens.

Mon - Fri

$5 - 7.50 per class


Starting soon

5 - 15 min cooking

Cook a wholesome dinner for your family through our live online class. We share the quickest delicious recipes to make life easier and healthier for you.

Every Tuesday 

$7 - 10 per class

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