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Our Team


Vasundhara Kandpal

Founder & Managing Director

Born and brought up in Delhi, India. Every year my parents would take me back to a small village in the Himalayas, where my roots are from. I witnessed the natural beauty decline in and around my beautiful village. This is what sparked my interest in studying environmental science (M.Sc.) and Wildlife science (PhD). Later I moved to the US and worked on projects on threatened species at the Conservation Facility at Stanford University, California.​ I want to build community awareness and empower people to make informed choices and lead sustainable lives. When it comes to community power 1+1 is not 2 but 11. 


Douglas Leith


Doug has been involved with animal rights for over 30 years now, a journey that started with seeing a film of vivisection. While this led to actions against all forms of animal abuse, vivisection has remained his primary focus and he has organised demonstrations, spoken at forums,  World Vegan Day, ICAS Oceania, at Bond, Macquarie and other universities.

He cycled to Adelaide to raise funds for animals in laboratories and contributes to Melbourne Save Animals in Laboratories, Stop Animal Testing Australia and other groups.

His challenge to vivisectors or anyone in the world to engage in a recorded, formal public debate on vivisection remains current and ongoing.

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Traudy Glasencnik


I have always loved animals, being near them gave me a sense of fascination, belonging and comfort. Today I find myself in the same frame of heart and mind. I do however have a greater understanding of myself and how living an ethical lifestyle affects others, our planet and all its inhabitants. My work as a yoga instructor has allowed me to share the experience of self-discovery and ethical reasoning. 

I also am very excited to have completed a Cert111 in Educational Support and look forward to providing the care, friendship, guidance and critical thought that is required to assist students to find their early life.

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Amin Eslami


I am an educator and highly passionate about promoting critical thinking on matters involving animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection. I enjoy being part of them as it gives me a sense of pride, satisfaction and helps me become a better human being. 
Our planet has so many beautiful things to sustain all lives. I believe preservation of our planet and its earthlings is essential and being part of an environmentally focused educational charity like Green Karma gives me a platform to nurture and educate those beliefs. 
I will continue my journey by working with such charities to give and gain understanding of living a happier fulfilled life.

Board Members

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Camille McDonald

Board Member

I've always loved the great outdoors and a good adventure. I started off by studying Outdoor Education at University before transferring to Health and Physical Education. I pursued Outdoor Education and Physical education because I know how important being connected to nature and keeping the body active is for the mind and for optimal health. I pursued Health Education because I know how important it is that children understand the impact of their food choices on their bodies and on the environment. 

The destruction of nature and climate change is only going to negatively impact our youth. In my eyes, education has such potential to flip this narrative. A solid education allows our youth to be informed and to make choices that give them the best chance of a happy, secure future. 

Education is such an important tool in the fight against climate change, social injustice, and environmental injustice. The youth are our future.


Megan Milner

Board Member

Growing up in Australia meant I learned the value of water from a young age. It also meant I was taught about the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and the human activities that were driving it. I was lucky to grow up in a household that was environmentally conscious and politically engaged. It was through my family that I first heard the term climate change. The weight of that reality took some time to sink in, but by the time I reached my early 20s, I was extremely concerned about my future. Consequently, I decided to cut down on my consumption and I joined challenges like Plastic Free July. I started making my own "waste-free" products and I became a regular at my local bulk food stores. I felt lighter. My bins were lighter too.  

In 2019 I met Vasundhara and we decided to become active in local environmental groups, which was a welcome change from my previously solo eco-journey. I witnessed the power of building community connections as well as the importance of opportunities to share skills, knowledge, and ideas.


Chitra KB Sharma

Board Member

I'm a nature lover and find happiness in simple things like watching the sunrise, colourful birds, just what mother earth has to offer. I have always been conscious of our environment and coming from a humble background we were always taught to reuse, repair, and buy only what is absolutely necessary. I was raised vegetarian and in 2016 when I learned about animal cruelty and the horrors behind the dairy industry I went vegan overnight. I also discovered the many health benefits of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.
In 2017 I had a healthy and active pregnancy all on a plant-based lifestyle. I firmly believe in raising kids close to nature and with awareness. We as a family follow simple things like buying toys, clothes and books from Op-shops and donating back after use, trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. I also practice yoga and mindfulness!


Ritesh Mittal

Board Member

I have always loved being in nature for as long as I remember. Growing up in a big city like Delhi, I looked forward to any opportunity to go to the mountains and disconnect myself from the chaos. But even in the mountains, I could see the growing problem of plastic waste, deforestation, habitat loss and scarce wildlife. It would make me really sad to realize that all this beauty around me was getting destroyed. Slowly I started learning more about environmental issues and what I could do to reduce my impact by adopting minimalistic living. I feel pride in living off on less than 20 t-shirts, 4 jackets, 12 pants and 3 pairs of shoes. It makes me happy to know that not buying mindlessly, helps save our planet. I have also made choices to be plant-based and zero-waste. 

I strongly believe that change starts when like-minded people join hands to work together. And here I am!