Holding Plant

We work on the interconnection of
food, health and
the environment. 


Healthy Eating

Our Mission

We empower people through education, community action
and training


Our health is at stake

"Unhealthy diets now pose a greater risk to human health than unsafe sex, alcohol, drugs and tobacco use combined"

- Lancet EAT Commission

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Anna Pelzer

Food system must change

"Our planet is sick, but we know how to nurse it back to health. The first system that we need to transform is one that affects all of us intimately, everyday - FOOD. The other two are energy and waste systems"

- United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

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About us

We are a not-for-profit set up by a bunch of environmentally conscious people. We want to bring awareness to fill in the gaps around the current food system and environment so that we can secure good health and a better planet for our future generations 

Education  and outreach to share information on food issues

If you believe in social and environmental justice

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How food can heal you and the planet together