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Our presentations are about the connection between health of people and the planet. We customize our talks according to the age group, community background, workplace goals, and other goals. The presentations are interactive, fun, and facts based. Our talks are completely cost-free. All you need to do is tell us about your facility and arrange the logistics - day, time, venue, audio, and video equipment. 

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We believe environmental education is a right for all students which is why we offer free presentations that are linked to the Victorian Curriculum - these can be booked for any level as we adjust our presentations for various audiences. 

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Do you wish if your employees or your employer could be more  environment-conscious? Do you see food wastage, plastic waste, unhealthy menus in the office parties or office canteen/pantry? We can help you to bring awareness to your workplace through our customized interactive presentations which could be a team-building activity for your office.  

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Community groups

Community groups are a great space to build awareness. You can either book us for an informative presentation or for a hands-on workshop. 

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