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Pack of Fish

About us

Our  Vision

Health for all and a healthy planet for our future generations.

Our  Mission

Educate and empower people, communities and businesses to minimize their environmental footprint on the planet. 

What we do

What We Do


Education and awareness building is our primary goal. We organize talks, events, presentations for different audiences and empower them with the right information on climate change, species extinction and the interconnectedness of environmental health to their own.


We work with community groups, schools, and local government to initiate on-ground sustainability projects that connect the health of people and the planet.


Knowledge grows with sharing. We share our knowledge in form of training and workshops for the community and businesses to get closer to desirable sustainability standards.

Our community projects are designed to promote harmony between nature and human population. We increase awareness among general public on various environmental issues through education, action projects and training & workshops to promote


Environmental sustainability

Biodiversity conservation


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