Environment Activists Protest

Our  VISIon

Health for all and a healthy planet for our future generations.

We are a not-for-profit that is working to help people make informed choices on food by educating and empowering them with facts.

Why food? Because food is the biggest connecting link between the health of people and the health of our planet. By working on one thing "FOOD" we can heal our population, as well as our planet - the only one we have.

Bridge into the Woods

Our  Mission

Educate people on the connection between declining public health, climate change, species extinction, deforestation, water crisis, pandemics and food choices.

Empower local government, communities, and businesses through building awareness around clean foods (WFPB) as a solution. 

Develop and execute educational programs and on-ground sustainability projects in collaboration with local government, community and businesses.

Praying Together

Our story

Our story is simple. Our friendships formed through social networks. We shared a common concern for the state of our world and wanted to see it change. Every meaningful conversation we shared would circle back to a desire to build community awareness and educate our youth. 

And so, Green Karma was born!

We are a mixed bag of eco-conscious people - some minimalists, some climate change activists and some anti-capitalists. As individuals, we are conscious of trying to minimise our footprint on the planet. We view each day as an opportunity to learn and improve our sustainability practices, which we then reflected upon as a team. Through Green Karma, we want to share our sustainability understanding and knowledge with the community.




We give presentations and layout things clearly for different audiences. We make it easy for common people to understand how our food system is doing the opposite of nourishing us and also destroying our planet. 


We work with community groups, schools, and local government to initiate on-ground sustainability projects that connect health and the environment.


Knowledge grows with sharing. We share our knowledge in form of training and workshops for the community and businesses to get closer to desirable sustainability standards.

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How food can heal you and the planet together