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Wildlife Warrior Workshop

School Holiday Program for 13 yr+

A very special program curated for teens to nurture empathy, critical thinking, ethical decision-making and embracing intrinsic compassion for all beings and our shared environment. 

Students gain knowledge and tools to make more informed and socially responsible choices that counteract real-world problems. We empower children to build social awareness and find their place within the broader community and strengthen their academic and civic engagement as compassionate individuals.

What we do...

The program is a unique blend of fun activities and lots of different learnings

Foster critical thinking

Sharpen the cognitive skill to analyze the interconnections among different elements

Feel good

Experience a sense of achievement and happiness while connecting with nature and helping save it 

New social connections

Meet new like-minded people and form new friendships and connections  


Ignite the intrinsic compassion and love for all forms of life 


Learn  unique things and develop new passion

Art of giving

Discover the ability within you to do good for others

WHAT kids say...



Application open for June  Holidays - Third Term Holidays, 2023





20-21 September, 2023

9 am to 5 pm 
North Fitzroy Library, 
182-186 St Georges Rd,
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Also provides
Lunches and snacks
and all the activities
How to apply:
Wildife Warrior


What is Green Karma?

Green Karma is an environmental nonprofit whose mission is to educate and build awareness on ways to reduce our footprints on the planet and secure a safer and cleaner environment for our future generations. 


What is the purpose of this workshop?

Most of the children have great attraction toward wild animals. This program aims to harness that love for wildlife in children to protect and help save Australian Wildlife, as Australia is rapidly losing its unique wildlife. The design of the program benefits both children and wildlife. With many team activities and group discussions, children develop interpersonal skills and foster critical thinking and stay active and engaged during their school holidays and find means and tools to reconnect to nature. 

Who can attend this workshop?

Any child over 13 years of age.


Can I accompany my child to the workshop?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible as the room capacity is pre-booked and cannot be changed. If your child has special needs and cannot attend the workshop alone, please discuss this with us before submitting their application.


Where can I get more information about this program, like location, timings, dates, cost, refund etc?

All logistical information is detailed on this page above and also in the application form which can be downloaded from this webpage. If you still have further questions you can contact the workshop facilitators directly preferably by email, or phone if it is more urgent.



0470 363 338


My child has special medical and dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?

We wouldn't like for any child to miss out on the program for reasons beyond their control. Please ensure all necessary medical information is disclosed in the application form and we will do our very best to accommodate them. If necessary please contact the workshop facilitators by email with further information. It is important that this information is communicated in writing and not via a phone conversation as we will have multiple requests.


My child is interested in this workshop but they cannot attend on the dates specified. Will you run this workshop at another time?

We aim to run this workshop during every school term break. And we will provide notice of the dates as early as possible so you can book in and plan accordingly.


Where is the workshop held?

The workshop is held in the location as provided above and as mentioned on the booking site. 

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