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We help schools, not-for-profits, charities, community groups with their fundraising. We provide a food stall for your fundraiser, with the most ethical food. We give away 90-100% profit to you. We are able to give you such a great deal because we see it as environmental education - introducing sustainable and clean food.

We customize the menu according to your need and all the allergies. 

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Let us take the pressure off you for your next fundraiser by booking us to take care of the food stalls. Our healthy, delicious, and allergy-friendly menu will help to build a positive school image, keep the kids happy and impress the parents. Better yet, you get to keep the majority of the profits!

Image by Vitolda Klein

Not-for-profit organizations

Often not-for-profit fundraisers use many ethic-conflicting foods. These foods could be tainted with child abuse, labor exploitation, animal abuse, non-eco-friendly. For bettering one cause another cause is jeopardized and it doesn't justify. We help you do a fundraiser in the most ethical way.

Image by Lee Myungseong

Community groups

We cater for small community events and fundraisers with their tight budgets. Our ethnic food is cost-effective and community events are a great way to introduce them to more people.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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