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Women's participation and leadership is pivotal in holistic and sustainable development.

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Miss Representation

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Social construct that a woman should look beautiful damages women on various levels and has far-reaching consequences on gender equality. Learn the ugly truth behind this toxic culture and why it's important to take a stand against it.

Free Event


7 - 8:30 pm - Public screening of documentary "Miss Representation"

8:30 - 9 pm Post screening discussion


Date and time

Wednesday - 8 December, 2021, 7 - 9 pm



Eltham Community and Reception Center

This event is supported by Nillumbik Shire Council as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

*Disclaimer: The event could be shifted online subjecting to active Covid restrictions.

What is it about?

What is the price of perfection, and more importantly, who defines what perfection is? For woman, the answer is often the media. Social trends highlight how the media and its “ideal” image of femininity have impacted women in unprecedented ways. Women have always been objectified in advertisements and entertainment, but has the exploitation improved in recent years?

And the answer is NO.


Research shows that girls as young as 7years old use nail colors, hair color, lipsticks and 11-year-olds use nail parlours, fake eyelashes, foundation etc to beautify themselves. Women are exercising to slim the waist and increase their hips. The botox injections, nail art, lips enhancement now are a common thing. The mentality that a woman's value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality subtly continues to persist. The urge to look beautiful and sexy has not died. 

Why this is important?

It is not only women who compare themself to the unrealistic image of ideal women that the media has created, but also men compare the women in their lives to what they see on television screens, in magazines, and on billboards. Both the self and society still continue to suffer because of the objectification of women. Objectification of women degrades her value and obstructs the emergence of her in leadership roles.


Moreover media’s power is rapidly expanding with various social media platforms that are now affecting more than before, self-esteem, personal satisfaction, and cultural standards and leaving women more vulnerable to sexual harassment and cyberstalking.

Between 2010 and 2018, rates of sexual assault victimisation recorded by police for Australians aged 15 and over rose by more than 30% (from 66.8 to 90.2 per 100,000) (based on ABS 2019). However, it is unclear whether this reflects an increased incidence of sexual assault and increased propensity to report sexual assault to police or increased reporting of historical crimes. Rates for children aged 0–14 remained stable in the 5 years up to 2018 (based on ABS 2019). 

A decrease in sexual assault would have been an indication of rising respect and equality for women and unfortunately, that is not the case. 

How will it benefit you?

You will discover how media is so capable of governing what we think, what we eat, how we behave, how we dress, etc.

We will learn to break from the power of media to influence us and our children. Our young and adolescent girls will feel happy to be natural and confident without any make-up. The information shared will help us to accept ourselves the way we are and will help many of us to overcome depression and anxieties related to our body forms. 

The program will help women to rediscover their true potential and encourage them to rise to new horizons. With the rise of women, the entire society rises. 



Our organisation’s Motivation

We want to take the opportunity and stand in solidarity with Nillumbik Council in their campaign "16 Days of activism against gender inequality" and extend our support. 


UN’s Environment Program and many global institutions recognize women empowerment as crucial in achieving holistic and sustainable development. 

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About Us

We are a not-for-profit aiming to bring awareness to fill in the gaps around the current food system and environment so that we can secure good health and a better planet for our future generations.

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