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Yoga Classes

From the comfort of your own home, join our online yoga classes to increase body flexibilty and strength. Each class will have both mellow and challenging moments. Open to beginners and experienced practitioners. We teach the original form of yoga - Hatha yoga combined with Asthanga yoga. We use different techniques - body activation exercises, asanas/poses, pranayama/breathing exercises and restorative exercises in each class.

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. Yoga benefits both mental and physical health. Regular practice of yoga improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, boosts the immune system, and helps sleep better. It not only calms and relaxes your mind but is also known to regulate your blood pressure, sugar and hormonal imbalances. 


Our yoga classes are fundraisers for us and run by volunteers. Our volunteers. have been practicing yoga for long and are happy to share their knowledge with others. 

Yoga Class

Online Class Schedule

We encourage people to practice yoga every day to get the most benefits of it.

Our Mon-Fri classes will help you to maintain a regular schedule.

With any registration, you can get access to any our class. We give you the flexibility to switch between classes so that you exercise regularly.

Morning Yoga

9 - 10 am

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri​

  • Pranayama

  • Gentle Hatha yoga

  • Restorative exercises

  • For beginners and seniors

Evening Yoga

6 - 7 pm

​ Mon to Thu

  • Pranayama

  • Hatha and asthanga yoga

  • Restorative exercises

  • For beginners and intermediate


$ 50 / mon

Age <25, Student ID card required


$ 100 / mon



$ 80 / mon

Age >65, Any ID card required


$ 0 / mon

In the application form, tell us what hardships you are going through. We will analyze your application and will try our best to take you in.

join with a friend and both get a DISCOUNT of $15/mon*

*this discount will be applied monthly. If one friend opts out, then the discount will be withdrawn from that month onwards - to get the discount you must both be in the program. Each customer can redeem this offer once only. This scheme is to encourage more people to exercise regularly and stay healthy.

Ask for trial classes! Leave your email address and we will send you a link to our online class.

Don't see a good time slot to join our classes. Let us know what is the best time for you. If we get lots of people asking for a similar time, we will arrange a class for you.


Book Classes

Step 1

Registration form- Yoga

Step 2

Make the payment

to our bank account

Green Karma

BSB : 063  222

ACC : 1064 6717

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