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We Only Have One Home

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Food Affects All

Our health is at stake

"Unhealthy diets now pose a greater risk to human health than unsafe sex, alcohol, drugs and tobacco use combined"

- Lancet EAT Commission

Sliced Meat

For our best  survival we need 50% land under forests. But we have only 30%.


Of total water on earth, only 1% is accessible. Of that 70% is used in agriculture. Water efficiency of food is a serious concern.

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Food sector is responsible for 25% of GHGs emissions, of which 75% is contributed by animal based foods

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Deforestation for grazing livestock is destroying our wildlife 

Australia is top 4th worst country for species extinction


Food System is

Animal Abusive

More than 80 billion land animals and trillions of sea animals are killed each year for food. 

Food System 

must change

"Our planet is sick, but we know how to nurse it back to health. The first system that we need to transform is FOOD. The other two are energy and waste systems"

- United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Food Blogger
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Change Begins With Education

We Educate and Empower People 

School Outreach Program

Developed for young children as a part of our larger effort to promote humane education. Our presentations are meticulously crafted to foster empathy, ethical decision making and compassion for all species and the common environment.

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