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Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Our health is intrinsically tied to the health of our planet, which is becoming increasingly unhealthy. Urgent transformations are needed to prevent further deterioration of human lives.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

The absence of disease? The right nutrition from foods? Eight glasses of water a day? Regular outdoor exercise in sunshine and fresh air, perhaps?

Likely all of the above.

For many of us, these are basic human needs that we take for granted. We enjoy our three meals a day, clean water from our taps and the occasional jaunts into nature for rejuvenation.

Yet for people in different parts of the world suffering from poverty, hunger, water scarcity and pollution, these are luxuries that exist only in their hopes.

A healthy environment is both a prerequisite and a foundation for human health and wellbeing

The Sombre State Today

Our planet is becoming increasingly unhealthy, and this is having a direct impact on human life:

GEO-6: UNEP’s Sixth Global Environmental Outlook

The UN Environment Program’s most comprehensive environmental report to-date - GEO-6 “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” - shows that a healthy environment is both a prerequisite and a foundation for human health and wellbeing.

The report emphasises the necessary actions needed to transform three systems:

  1. Food - adopting sustainable consumption practices;

  2. Energy - decarbonising the atmosphere and building sustainable energy systems;

  3. Waste - shifting to a circular economy, one that uses waste as a resource.

In this blog post, we delve into the system that affects us most intimately, everyday - food.

Actions to transform the food system
Transformation through impactful actions

Transforming the Food System

Of the GEO-6’s recommendations for transforming the food system, three areas have been highlighted as being able to make significant amounts of progress.


Farmer in a tractor